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Text Box: 								
Text Box: This is the “Before and After” of 
Brenda Gantt Garren.
Brenda came to Mill’s Home at age 
She came into our hearts 
With full force, playing a “Star”
Position on the Girl’s Bulldog 
Basketball Team!
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Brenda at around age 5.

Brenda Gantt Garren at age 1.

Left and below:  Brenda is with her sisters, Sherl (standing next to Brenda) and Lynn seated. They are visiting Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.




Below: Brenda & Lynn taking a quilting class.  Lynn dared Brenda to wear “the socks” at their class in Pidgeon Forge, TN, and she had given them to her!

Brenda in big hard “rock” chair in Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Fl.


Brenda sent an article with pictures from her sister’s quilting “prowess!”


Follow the link to the article on quilting:



Brenda Gantt Garren’s Family

Brenda Gantt Garren Class of 1966. senior year